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Christian themes: An exciting journey into Heaven from a young man from church...

Quote Aaron,

The following is an out of body experience I had in the early hours of Wednesday 16th September 2009. More specifically, it is a journey I had into heaven where I saw and embraced Jesus himself. It was not a lucid dream, nor did it feel like one. This was something far more significant than that, and as a result, it is very difficult to recount and describe certain sensations in which my spiritual ‘body’ experienced because there are no earthly words or descriptions that could do them justice. All I know is that I still maintained my knowledge of earthly emotions throughout the experience, yet what I experienced physically, in and through my spirit, was enormously supernatural. It is also important to note that the previous day a few profound things had happened to me. After an extensive prayer session about my ongoing alcohol addiction, I finally agreed that I would attend AA meetings; something in which The Lord Jesus Christ had been pushing in my life for some time. After repenting and receiving his forgiveness during this intense prayer session, I experienced a profound sense of comfort and peace within myself, and the night before my experience, The Lord revealed to me – through wisdom and knowledge – how I could apply certain aspects to my life in order to achieve his goal within me. Actor Patrick Swayze had also died that day, and knowing that he too had wrestled with a long-time alcohol addiction, I saw myself and my shortcomings in him in many ways. I am absolutely certain that there is no coincidence in his untimely demise and the explicit, new-found understanding of how I was to manage and eradicate this demonic presence from my life. My experience didn’t begin with my spiritual body leaving my earthly body behind as I slept in my bed. I have read many accounts of people being able to physically see themselves leaving their bodies behind and venturing upward and outward into space. My experience was different in that my soul, or spiritual body, was seemingly plucked by the father, at light speed if you will, and placed directly into heaven. I simply found myself there. When I found myself in Heaven, it was like waking up from a slumber. Maybe death is like this, where at the moment of death your earthly body ceases to exist, your eyes roll backwards into the blackness, and you suddenly awake into a full spiritual being, with newfound senses and emotions specifically designed for a heavenly environment. So, I found myself as a spiritual being and not in my fleshy, earthly body. I had limbs, a torso, a neck and head, but I couldn’t see them, and to be quite honest, I had no desire to look at them. This experience was not meant to be awe inspiring and personal, where the lord was going to walk me through and show me the spectacular sceneries of heaven. My experience was for something more important; spiritual cleansing, healing, deliverance, and personal and spiritual clarification. I know this because I didn’t experience elation and wonder while I was there. It was a conflicting experience. I felt somewhat ashamed and unworthy because when The Lord walked past everyone else in that vast, glorious, sparkling auditorium and finally came to me with his arms outstretched, reaching for my hands, I have never felt so naked and vulnerable in my entire life, but he reassured me with his soft, compassionate glare that although I was an immoral, shameful sinner, he still loved me and was always going to forgive me as long as I stayed by his side. That kind of love is so unbelievably hard to fathom. It’s a love that human beings don’t have the will or capacity to fulfil. Without digressing too much, there i was amongst hundreds, maybe thousands of other spiritual beings in this gigantic, white, glowing, spectacular auditorium, which I could only associate as being a church or chapel. I’m not too sure what physical position I was in because I wasn’t used to this body that I found myself in; I was somewhere between human and spirit, body and soul; if that makes any sense. However, it did feel like I was on my knees with my head bowed, but I couldn’t be certain. All I know is that we were all in a state of worship, waiting for something or someone to arrive. It was as if this was a scheduled meeting of selected souls. It seemed from the very beginning to be purposeful. I had no desire to look at others around me, or in front of me, but I do at one point recall curiously glaring up at the ceiling of the church which seemed to venture upwards for ages into a vast pointed cone. At the front of the auditorium was a long line of angels which appeared as a great mass of whitish golden light. I couldn’t give you an exact number, nor could I even estimate the amount of angels that stood before us. All I know is that the light that emanated from their presence was so powerful it seemed to surge right through my torso, particularly where my heart would’ve been situated. Although I couldn’t really identify any of the angels physically, I do remember one in particular. I don’t know why I could see only one of them, but it was as if I knew this particular angel. He felt familiar in some strange, unusual way. When people hear descriptions of angels as having wings, they’re immediately debunked as rambling clichés. Let me tell you; angels have wings. Physical and seemingly natural wings. There’s no feathers or explicit design to them, but they’re definitely there, fastened brightly to their backs. This single angel I somewhat recognised was tall, muscular, and glowing with this extremely bright light that permeated from every orifice of his being. his wings weren’t outstretched at all because of the standing position he was in. All I could see was the tops of his wings, and although he didn’t have any discernible facial features, his silhouette revealed that his hair was immaculately groomed and cropped, and sat around shoulder length. When I looked at him from afar, I knew he was glaring right back at me. Despite the fact that I couldn’t see any expression or definition on his face. He had no eyes, nose, or mouth. His face was just this cavity of light that shone outward, but in no specific direction. it was as if the light that projected from his body, and from all the angels’ bodies for that matter, collectively enlightened the space in which we inhabited, providing sight and sound and texture; a visual landscape to our surroundings. It must also be noted that throughout this experience in the auditorium, while I did experience an overwhelming sense of safety, I also experienced a sense of fear. It wasn’t the kind of fear that you associate with darkness, terror, or even horror. It was the fear that Jesus talks of in the Bible, where men are supposed to be god-fearing and humble. As I said previously, this experience was more purposeful than others that you hear or read about. This was one of caution, warning, and personal spiritual deliverance. While we were all worshipping and praying aloud, our heads somewhat bowed, the angles at the front were emitting this sound, a sound that is very difficult to describe as I have never heard anything quite like it. It wasn’t singing or chanting or even humming, but it was certainly ongoing and ceaseless; a language that transcended song or any spoken language that is recognisable in the world today. And, if it were the gifts of tongues, then it’s not like the tongues mouthed by human beings, because clearly angels have no voice box, or tongues, or a mouth to verbally channel such sounds. It was just this unusual, soothing, honouring, glorifying sound that permeated throughout the entire auditorium, and it was so forceful and powerful that it almost felt that you had to cling onto something to withstand it. From the moment I was in the auditorium, I knew – and we all knew – that we were waiting for something to happen, or someone to arrive. And, little did I know that that someone was only moments away. My first reaction when Jesus arrived was one of astonishment and disbelief, because he didn’t just walk in from the left or right at the front of the auditorium. He just miraculously appeared, and as soon as he arrived, I couldn’t believe that I could actually see him. I was dumbfounded. When I’ve prayed in the past, I’ve always tried to imagine and visualise him in my mind, wondering with curiosity at his physical appearance, but let me tell you one thing, his outward appearance and physicality far exceed any human interpretation or imagination, because his physical presence is made up of so many infinite components that it’s just so hard to fathom or understand the importance of his purpose. Jesus is an exceedingly beautiful man. The most beautiful looking adult man you could ever imagine with your primitive, human mind. It’s impossible to compare his beauty and looks to anyone on this earth, but if you could attempt such an incredible feat, I would suggest checking out the fashion catwalks in Europe, because those men are the only human beings that come close. When we first saw Jesus, he appeared at the front of the auditorium with his angels. The angels were simply this mass of light, with no real physical form or stature, but when Jesus appeared, he stood in front them, making himself completely visible and distinguishable from his angels. At this moment, I remember the angel I had previously recognised leaning in towards him, kind of whispering in his ear. Maybe not so obvious, but the angel was definitely communicating to him in some way. All this time, he looked out at us, his congregation, and stood there for a while, and as he did this, I and the rest of us experienced this sensation that I’ve never experienced before. Before Jesus arrived, the angels alone were emitting this overwhelming light and sound and energy unto all of us, a sensation that again is hard to describe because it’s not an earthly feeling or sensation, but all I know is that it was warm, and loving, and very strong and powerful. But, when Jesus arrived, this sensation increased so much that it was almost unbearable, and that’s when I knew that not only was I in the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ, but I was still in some way or form connected to my earthly emotions and sensations; I was partially human, partially spirit. This sensation pulsated through the entire auditorium, and the angels increased their sound and light in the presence of Jesus, and if I could describe it in any way it was like that feeling you get when you’re going down a roller coaster –very, very fast - but without that sickening, nauseating feeling. I felt really giddy throughout the proceedings. I can’t recall exactly what Jesus was wearing, but as he stood in front of his angels, he appeared to be wearing some sort of single, long white garment. It wasn’t a robe, but it was the same sort of length and shape. Clothes in heaven aren’t clothes. They’re not even garments. They’re just intangible ‘things’ that shroud a being; they can be removed at any given time without having to pull yourself out of them. That said, I’m not entirely sure if Jesus was wearing anything at all. The truth was that it wasn’t important. When one looks at Jesus, you only look at his face because that’s the focal point of all interaction and communication in heaven. There was so much love and protection in his presence that although it felt so unfamiliar and raw, you felt safe and loved and wanted. There was no wind or sound or anything like that when Jesus emitted his love and power before us, just the sound of his angels behind him, glorifying his very presence. during this time, myself and the rest of us, experienced this overwhelming power, authority, grace, and love, and although myself and others wanted to stare at him all the time, you just couldn’t because his presence was so overwhelming that you felt almost ashamed or unworthy to look at him, and i know now, and I did find out only moments later, that it was acceptable to look at him because no matter how guilty I felt of my earthly shortcomings, he still had forgiven me. In fact, I knew that he wanted us to look at him, but because I was made conscious of my earthly shortcomings during this time – which I now see as a point made by Jesus himself to deliver me from my immoral Earthly deeds – I felt like I was significantly unworthy, so when I first saw him at the front, I only looked at him once or twice. This, of course, was only moments before he walked up and addressed me personally. When Jesus came up to me, all I remember is that I had my head down and I was on my knees – or standing, I can’t really recall - in a bowing position. By the time I looked up, the whole auditorium had shifted, along with my perspective and sense of space. At this point, there was no one in front of me, but quite simply an intangible, invisible path in which I saw Jesus approach me. He walked slowly in from the left, his face and eyes glaring at me the whole time. This was the point in which I felt the most exposed and naked in my entire life. I knew that he knew everything about me. I’ve never felt so vulnerable and ashamed in my entire life. But, as he approached, he comforted me with an unspoken language. He summoned me to look at him, and that’s when I immediately looked up and saw his face up close for the first time. Coming in from the left, his head was turned in my direction the entire time, and although I felt naked, ashamed, and afraid, he told me – without any spoken words–that it was alright, that he’d forgiven me despite my immoral ways. He was here to deliver me, heal me of my sins, and clarify his love for me. He would do this so that I could improve my ways, and help others who’ve experienced similar troubles. Jesus is tall, around 6’2” to 6’4” in height. If I were to guess his age, I would say no older than 35 years. He has long, lean, muscular limbs, with sinew visible on every ounce of his body. And, he has no visible scars! His hair is long, cascading down the back of his neck in wavy, rich brown strands. His beard is only moderately long, neatly groomed and cropped, and it too is rich and brown in colour. But, the one thing I’ll never forget is the way he stared at me with this compassionate, unwavering glare that was neither sorrowful nor pitying of my earthly deeds. I mean, he never looked away from me. He was never distracted or interested in anyone but me at this particular time. It was truly indescribable. It’s as if he looked upon everyone in a different way. He had a glare for each individual soul. All I can say is that he knew me, inside out, more than I knew myself, and by the time he stood opposite me, knelt down, and stretched out his arms towards me, I knew right then that I was his son, a child he cared about so much that he wanted to heal me. When I reached out and grabbed his hands, I stared into those eyes, which could have been brown, I’m not sure, for about 3 or 4 seconds before immediately bowing my head once again. All I knew is that those eyes were so, so deep, like a universe in themselves. A galaxy of knowledge and compassion, his eyes were oval in shape, and open, and seemingly relaxed and at peace. His stare was never threatening or intense or overtly authoritative. Instead, it was comforting and soothing and reassuring and gentle and most of all, loving. And, that’s when I begin to cry like I’ve never cried before. With my head bowed, I reached out to him with my mind, moreover my spirit. This was not a communication of words. I simply asked him, “Why do you love me? How could you love someone like me?” he simply replied, with no spoken words, “because you are faithful. You always come to me like a child.” This is when my crying increased even more. I felt delivered and reassured. Not by my family or friends, but by the lord Jesus Christ. Still holding his hands, I felt this overwhelming warm sensation fill my entire body, as if he was using other hands that were hovering over my back to remove some sort of illness or disease, and immediately afterwards, I felt like something had been taken from me, something foreign, impure, and wretched. This sensation was much warmer than what Jesus emitted into the auditorium when he first arrived. It was much less intense, and it felt more personal; designed especially for me. With my eyes seemingly closed, all I could sense or see was this bright light that would not dissipate. It wasn’t the kind of light that is piercing, that stings your eyes. It was much softer, fuller, and pure than the kind of artificial light that we’re familiar with in the world as we know it. And, that’s when the experience ended for me. The light brought me back into my bed, and me back into my earthly body, but when Jesus held my hands, not only did he heal me, he gave me a souvenir, and never before, in this day and age, has a scripture been more about being humble and bent on extinguishing the arrogance that is rampant in the world today. Jesus gave me Mark 10:15. “I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” I’m not entirely sure why I was chosen to experience what i experienced. Or who those other spiritual beings were or why they were there. I’m also not sure whether those beings experienced exactly what I experienced while in Heaven, or whether it was just meant for me. Maybe I’ll never know completely. Either way, I consider myself eternally privileged and blessed. But, it was as if I was a part of a congregation who was being prepared for something. Either being prepared for a greater more fulfilling life in heaven, or being prepared to bring people to Christ in this life. At this stage, it may be safe to assume that it’s both. Thinking about this experience almost 24 hours later and wondering why this has happened to me, I can only equate it to the fact that i have prayed in the past for The Lord to use me, and to equip me with the fundamental knowledge on how to make it into Heaven and never fall by the wayside again, because I’ve done that plenty of times, and I never want to do it again. I pleaded with The Lord to keep me on the “straight and narrow”, and this experience will enable me to do such a thing, and also help others who require simple directions in order to stay alive in Christ. And, for the sceptics out there, the reason these things may sound somewhat familiar or even clichéd is because of one thing; God has implanted in us at least some partial idea of what these experiences may be like because we were created by God in the first place, but it’s not until you actually see or experience these things that they are confirmed and are profoundly real to the person exposed to them. That’s the only way I can justify what I have experienced to those who have yet to experience it for themselves. Aaron.